Saturday, January 4, 2014

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A professional, technical or scientific content is a video, portable document format (pdf) or a presentation. There are many content hosting sites where these documents can be uploaded but there is no one site that allows a variety of formats. These content hosting sites do not have a professional quality commenting section. Also, it is difficult to navigate the comments on such sites.

Uploading content: At, we are providing a unique platform for the professional community to upload content and participate in associated discussion. You can upload mpeg, avi, mp4, wmv videos, doc, docx, pdf, odt documents and ppt, pptx, odp presentations. Every user who signs up with their LinkedIn account, can upload files and join the discussion for free. The uploaded content is accessible to the public or to private groups. Any user can participate in public discussions.

Private group discussion: users can invite their friends, collaborators or colleagues to the private groups. Only members will have access to the content and the associated discussions. Instructors in schools, colleges and universities can create private classroom groups and invite students in their class. This will be a great way to share and discuss content with all the students in the class. Since the activities in the group are private this will encourage more students to participate in the discussion.

New discussion paradigm: We have also created a new system of discussion that is more suitable for professional, technical and scientific community. To meet the needs of the scientific community, we have included the ability to add chemical, physical and mathematical equations. For the programming and scientific community, we have added the ability to include code snippets.

In the subsequent posts, we will provide demonstration of the features of the site. Hope you enjoy the site.
We have lots of new features that we are working on!! We are always looking for feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions or comments, please fill out our contact us form.

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